Wednesday, July 3, 2013

My SuMmeR EsCapE

Hey everyone it has been awhile since I v been back here blogging but I am officially back  doing
what makes me happy, with that being said stay posted for new blog posts.

Summer is here and it has been a wet one for us here in Atlanta Georgia so far.  I am not complaining because it can get sever but  overall my summer has been great, no vacations planned as yet hopefully towards the end of summer we can plan a beach trip, until that happens I 'v been enjoying my stay-cation and escaping into the world of fiction reading.  Reading has always been my way to escape from my world it is such a stress reliever and I am so glad I started it up again (doing what makes me happy)  thanks to my babe for getting me a Nook for Christmas, I am so in love with this gadget it is the best thing ever, I can download all of my fav fab magazines and books...even though I have spend at least $30 on magazine a month...but it is worth it.

Ok! on to my book review... My latest summer read is Summer Sisters By Judy Blume.  A great light  beach read.  The book takes place in the late 1970's and early 1980's.  There are two main characters Caitlin & Victoria, it starts with Victoria working in New York City and she gets a call from Caitlin about Victoria being her Maid of honor in her wedding, and than it goes back to the girls childhood and how they met.

Overall this is a good book, I think you will enjoy it,  Ms. Blume keeps you interested.  I have read several other books since this one here's a few you may like... About Last Night by Stephanie Bond, Domestic Violets by Mathew Norman, A Deeper Love Inside by Sister Souljah  

Happy Reading