Friday, January 21, 2011

I am officially starting my Bucket List again, I don't know why I stopped hmm....anyway I am starting my new list with beautiful a place I have to visit definitely before I kick the Bucket. Australia is not a state but a country, huge huge and so pretty. What got me really hooked was watching Oprah when she brought all of her guest to Australia she spoke so highly of it...even though I v always wanted to go even more now. We are Planning on going for our 50th Birthdays, myself , beau and hopefully we can afford to take Quinton (i would so love for him to go he would love it) is a dooable trip money wise, anywhere between 1,800 to 3,000 per this is when we will have all of our debit paid off ......check out some of the pics, the first one is Opera house (landMark), our precious Kola Bears and the Great Barrier Reef...largest in the world, people say you can see it from space hmm I don't know maybe......A must for everyone to see before we kick the Bucket.