Sunday, October 3, 2010

Tis the season for my favorite seasons of all time Fallllllll... love it, I love the cool & crispness, the leaves changing colors. Not only that, It is time to break out the Sweaters, boots, Jackets/ Coats, Hats, gloves and Blazers. I adore them, I don't know why I stopped wearing them(fashion never goes out of style) anyway here are a few of my favorites, that I will add to my wardrobe this fall. I love the Bottom Blue velvet Blazer, it would look so chic w/a pair of jeans, khaki, skirts, dresses, so versatile a fab piece to have. And the one's above from Express Fashions My favorite out of the three is the the Grey Tweed blazer you will look so pulled together with a blazer like the tweed, and to me tweed looks classy & elegant. Well I think you got the hint, go out and buy a few of these fabulous blazer to add to your fall wardrobe, they 're classic and never go out of style!