Monday, September 6, 2010

I hope everyone enjoyed there end of summer celebrations, summer came and went so fast! unbelievable. It has been awhile sense I v blogged about anything, was not in the mood, dealing with daily life stresses. I wanted to tell u guys about all of the Fashion disaster @ Mansion Elan Ludacris Labor Day Weekend Bash w/ a few celebrities, a hot mess. We went Saturday because Usain Bolt Jamaica Track Star was suppose to be there, and we wanted to meet and take some pictures. We got there @ 10 doors open @ 9:30, as soon as we walked up I new it was a young crowd, 21 & over ladies there were nothing but young hoochie mama's mmm, I felt so old, we thought we were doing something with what we had on, I could not find anything to wear all of my clothes r way to big for me now so i had nothing form fitting & sexy, I had make due with a pair of slim black pants and print halter top mmm and my babe he had on a nice dress shirt and a pair jeans blk klocks, haha lol we r so outdated so sad. Anyway, I never seen so many Hoochie Mama tight short short dresses in my life, all of the girls were dress the same, short, tight and stank lol. Girls had on those blk shiny metallic leggings OMG not one looked good in them, u have to have the body not filled with cellulite and jelly lol...this one girl had on peach shiny 1080's aerobic leggings w/a tan tank w/ white crochet shrub, and white chunky sandals UGH ! Their were a few that dress classy & sexy, I saw a few cute Rompers, leggings, tight ass bandage dresses some done classy and some nasty....Oh and I was checking out some cute hair cuts too, Weaves of course, wedge bobs, sharp short cuts, naturals, curly weaves. Our night ended w/ out getting the chance to meet Usain Bolt, he never showed up, we stayed until 10 till 5 so pist, but we did get a chance to meet Van Diesel, saw sexy ass Tyreese, Ron Artest L.A Lakers, Chris Brown, Larenze Tate, and a guess a few other ppl were there. Overall we had a decent time, got the chance to get out of the house had a few xtra dollars to spend so all was good!!!!