Friday, June 11, 2010

Just finish reading an interview on Heidi Klum in the June addition of RedBook. I like her, she's beautiful inside & out. I love the interview, she just talked about her life w/Seal & the kids, how she keeps it hot in and out of the bedroom, how she balances all of that and still be happy..."don't be afraid of change, surround yourself with positive ppl, smile AND FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE, TOSS THOSE BAGGY SWEATS!" luv that. I love the fact that she say's she like's to still keep it sexy, she say's it is important for women to keep looking sexy for their true i try to maintain, have to that's just me;-) Heidi also talked about re-inventing yourself, changing thing up so u don't get in a true... u have to, to be really happy i think especially women we need that boost of confidence and doing something other than running after kids all day!...Check out the interview Redbook June issue worth reading