Sunday, June 27, 2010

I can't believe Fourth of July is this coming weekend so crzy . I was just sitting here thinking about my plans for the July 4th, it just depends if I will have the kids for the weekend if so i have to plan something fun & creative on a very limited budget...i am pretty good @ finding things to do for the low low. I was thinking about of course buying some fireworks, my son got so mad @ me last yr for not buying the right ones ;-( Baking some fourth of July cup cakes & cookies (maybe) take the kids to Joann's and or Michael's to buy some inexpensive craft items for them to do, and of course they will be swimming all day, and if i have some xtra xtra xtra$$$ go to toys r us to buy some outdoor toys for them to have fun with because i am so tired of them sitting in the house allllllllll dayyyyyy lonnnggggg I am so done with that. Any way those r my plans if everything goes as planned. Take a look at some of my Arts & Crafts Idea's .....PLEASE IF U HAVE SOME IDEA'S FOR THE FOURTH ON A LIMITED BUDGET, LET ME KNOW.