Sunday, June 13, 2010

A Father's Prayer for his Child

DEAR GOD: Into thy hands I offer the mind, body and spirit of my son/daughter, asking that you raise him/her in the way you have created him/her to go. Guide my child away from all things and people that are not aligned with his/her highest goods. Protect my child from those things and people that would lead him/her down a path that is not in alignment with his/her destiny as you have written it on his/her heart. Remove from my child's mind all shadows of fear, doubt, anger and resentment that could cloud his/her mind or harden his/her heart. Strengthen my child to walk away from those things and people that can in any way keep him/her from the divine path that you have laid before him/her. Open my child's eyes that he/she will see and know danger. Give my child the courage to resist all temptations that may lead to harm. Teach he/she to honor his/her body as your divine temple. Teach my child to cherish the power of his/her mind Teach my child to use his/her gifts and talents wisely Soften my child's heard with kindness and compassion. Most of all, God, let my child know that you love him/her. Let my child feel your love, know your love and express your love at all times, under all circumstances. Draw my child close to you. Drive my child away from patterns of thought and behavior that are not productive, honorable, healthy or self-loving. Sprinkle my child liberally with your grace and light. Teach my child your ways and guide him/her to make them a priority in life. God, teach me to speak to my son/daughter in a way that honors his/her spirit and encourages him/her to desire to do good at all times. Forgive me for the fears that I hold in my heart and project onto my child. Remind me not to take my child for granted. Teach me how to communicate and demonstrate my love in health and loving ways. If there is anything that I do or say that does not set a good example for my child, please heal me of it right now! In full faith and confidence, I ask that your create a bond of love, joy, harmony, respect and kindness between me and my son/daughter that cannot be broken by the ways of the world. Thank you, God! Thank you, God! Thank you, God! For I know that as I pray this prayer, thy will is done.